Easy Summer Flower Nail Art Design Tutorial

The summer is almost here, so I wanted something bright and fresh on my nails. I came up with this easy flower nail art design.
I applied white polish on my middle and ring finger for the base of the flowers. On the other nails I used bright pink-red nail polish, which is the Golden Rose Color Expert №15. I used this polish and to create the flowers, but I mixed it with three drops of clear polish, to create more sheer colour. I made the flowers, using a flat brush, and then I outlined them with a black striper. You can watch the video below for a tutorial.
I think this nail art design is perfect for the warmer days and it can bring you some summer vibes.

What you need:
- white, pink and orange polish
- a black striper
- a top coat
- a clear polish
- a dotting tool

Video tutorial:


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