Red And Green Christmas Stamping Nail Art Design Tutorial

Christmas is just around the corner, so I've decided to make my nails more festive. I also wanted to try out the new stamping mat from Born Pretty Store, so I made some stamping decals.
If you still don't have a stamping mat, just buy one. It's amazing product and it makes everything so much easier. I've got the smallest version from Born Pretty Store, which is 21x15 sm . The mat contains 5 white and 5 black spots + 2 big circles. It comes in a container for easy storage. It's really useful for all of the different stamping techniques. You can find it here.

To bring more festive spirit I used and this super cute christmas stamper and scraper. The stamper is very soft, squishy and sticky. It's really easy to work with it. The head is quite big, so it's perfect for longer and curved nails. The images transfer perfect on the nail, without any smearing. You can find this stamper here. It comes in small box with two scrapers.

For the manicure I applied dark red polish on the thumb, middle and little finger, and dark green polish on the other nails. You can watch the video below for tutorial of how I made the stamping decal. The stamping plate I've used is BP01 from Born Pretty Store. On the middle finger I added one of these super cute snowflakes, which you can find here. If you purchase something from the Born Pretty Store site you can use this coupon code for 10% off: MUK31

Check out the video tutorial here:


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