Geometric Stamping Nails Nail Art Tutorial

Hello! The nail art design today is for all geometric lovers. 
For this manicure I've used some items from Born Pretty Store. First of all is the stamping plate BP-L054. It's a big rectangle plate with a lot of different geometric shapes. There are small and big designs, so it's perfect for all kind of nails. You can find it here.
Next are the gold and grey stamping polish. They come in a cute bottle with 6ml of nail polish. These colours are super opaque, so they are perfect for stamping. There are 25 colours available on the site. You can find them here.

I also used and some cuticle oil to moisture my skin after using a liquid latex. This oil comes in silver 2ml pen and mine smells like coconut (there are 4 more flavours to choose from). You can rotate the upper part of the pen and you'll get more oil on the brush. You can find the cuticle oil here. You can use my coupon code: MUK31 for 10% off from the Born Pretty Store site.

So, for the manicure I've used dark grey polish as a background (Golden Rose Rich Color 126). Then I stamped one of the images and when it dried I stamped the second image with the opposite colour. You can check out the video for full tutorial.

Video tutorial:


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