Abstract Triangle Ombre Nail Art Design Tutorial

For this week's manicure I've used nail vinyls for the first time. They are really easy to use and you can find thousands of designs. Mine are from Born Pretty Store. You can find them here for $2. These stencils are really large and perfect for covering long nails. They can also be cut in half to fit shorter nails. They stick very well to the nail. 
For my nail art design I used the big triangle shape. I dabed pink, green and blue polish in the triangle with a sponge. On the other nails I made an ombre with the same three colours. I finished with a matte top coat. 

It turns out very cute abstract nail art design. You can wear it every day with every outfit.

You can use code MUK31 for 10% off from the Born  Pretty Store site.

What you need:
- pink, green, blue and white polish
- nail vinyls
- a sponge
- a matte top coat

Check out the video tutorial here:


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